Avvocato Serena Gentili

"Love and work are for people what water and sun are for plants". - Jonathan Haidt

Serena Gentili has a long and fruitful collaboration with national research institutes had some publications on individual and social human rights.

She attended a first level MBA in "Economic and real estate asset management successfully" at the Faculty of Economics of Rome Tor Vergata and a second level MBA in the Judicial administration of seized and confiscated assets Unipegaso in Naples.

Genuinely passionate about criminal law from the beginning of her career, she provides legal advice and assistance for any criminal offense involving her clients, whether as suspects or accused persons or as offended persons or civil parties. She is on the list of public defenders, and she is qualified to provide a defense to the underprivileged with legal aid.

Serena Gentile is a member of the Osservatorio Giovani and Open Day of the Italian Criminal Chambers Union.

Finally, she has been working for years with numerous Brazilian law firms in recognition of Italian citizenship.

She speaks fluently English, Portuguese, and Spanish.